Reusing depreciated ICT equipment has
economic and sustainable advantages.

Reuse of economically depreciated equipment

Carefree service

We alleviate responsibilities and worries of our clients by providing our extensive services, ranging from logistical solutions to registrations and reporting.


We’re a WEEELABEX / Cenelec certified electronics recycler and a reliable partner in reclaiming natural resources.


The safety of our team and our clients is at the core of our business. We’ve achieved certification regarding our processes to ensure safety.

Extend the lifespan of electr(on)ic devices

Don’t just destroy your networking equipment. By reusing, the lifespan of your infrastructure can be extended. 

Why squander if the technical lifespan hasn’t been completed? 

Refurbishment and remarketing are how Mirec can provide a second life to, as it’s called, ‘economically depreciated’ IT equipment. We arrange an optimal usage of the technological possibilities until the end of the equipment’s lifespan.

Strategical management of ICT equipment

We offer IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) by services such as reuse, recycling, safe data disposal, value optimization and reports. This allows us to sustainably manage your IT infrastructure. 

Together with our partners we explore the maximum opportunities of usage, in which we do not just prioritize technological value, but also provide a guaranteed manner of disposal of confidential data according to GDPR and AVG.

Value optimization with Mirec

With our focus on sustainability, reuse and Social Return on Investment (SROI), we maximize the value of your IT assets. When choosing Mirec as your ITAD partner, you choose efficient management of IT equipment, a positive societal impact, and a reduced ecological footprint. With our support, IT assets are not just utilized economically, but also socially and environmentally friendly. May it be that reuse is not feasible, Mirec will reclaim natural resources, meaning nothing valuable will be lost.

Our certificates

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